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Welcome to The Church of Saint Luke Religious Education Program, (also referred to as (CCD) or Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) and Youth Activities Program. Many people have offered their time and talent to develop these programs and to ensure that they help our “Young Church” grow in faith and servant leadership.

This introduction is intended to give you a general understanding of The Church of Saint Luke’s Religious Education Program and Youth Activities Program. It is not intended to be a detailed summary of the curriculum of our programs. The information found in the handbook will serve as a reference for you throughout the year. If you have specific questions concerning the curriculum of the program, textbooks, sacramental preparation, or any other matter involving our Catholic faith, please contact the Religious Education Office.
While younger children (age 3 and older and toilet trained) are permitted and encouraged to attend, Religious Education at our Parish is mandatory from First Grade through 12th Grade for any student who is not enrolled in a Catholic School and for students enrolled in a Catholic School but preparing for Confirmation.

All parents are encouraged and requested to familiarize their children and themselves with the contents of this handbook in order to ensure a most successful year for the students of The Church of Saint Luke’s Religious Education Program and Youth Activities Program. We remind you that attendance at mass is required as an integral part of our faith and religious education is not a replacement for Mass.

We are happy to announce that Valerie Sagheddu has joined our team as Youth Ministry Coordinator. For many years Val has accompanied our youth on mission trips, youth conferences, workshops and youth group activities and will now be spending more time concentrating on addressing the needs of our teens and young adults.

Debra Jean will be adjusting her role to Outreach Coordinator which will include coordinating with our current ministries as well as promoting new areas within our parish to address the needs of the parish and the community. Debbie will also continue to document the office processes and assist with religious education and youth ministry.



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