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Church of Saint Luke
818 West Main Street,
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

St Luke's Virtual Tour

Welcome to
The Church of Saint Luke
in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA.
The World's First Parish Virtual Tour!

Stained Glass Windows

*The Rose Window - Depicts the beauty of the work of Saint Luke, the Evangelist. In the center of the window Luke is viewed as an artisan, physician and a witness of the Lord sharing truth and knowledge.

Stair Tower Windows
*Sacred Heart of Jesus
*Immaculate Heart of Mary

East Wall - The Mysteries of the Rosary

*The Joyful Mysteries - The Birth of Jesus,
The Visitation,
the Annunciation,
The Child Jesus Found in the Temple
the Presentation of Jesus.
*The Sorrowful Mysteries The Carrying of the Cross,
The Crowning of Thorns,
the Scourging at the Pillar,
Jesus in the Garden &
The Death of Jesus.
*The Glorious Mysteries Mary Crowned Queen of Heaven,
The Assumption, the Descent,
The Ascension,
the Resurrection.

West Wall - The Age of Preaching
*Saint Matthew, Saint John & Saint Peter.
*Saint Andrew, Saint Simon & Saint Jude.
*Saint Matthias, Saint Bartholomew & Saint James.
*St Philip, Saint Thomas & St James the Lesser.

*Saint Luke
*Saint Mary
*Saint Joseph

Inside the Church
*The Sanctuary
*The Foyer
*The Tree of Life - Holy Oils
*Looking North
*Looking South
*The Baptismal
*The Tabernacle
*The Altar (
Picture courtesy of Katherine Andrews Photography)

*Tapestry of the Risen Christ over the Delaware Water Gap

*The Church Hall

*The Vestibule Doors -
(From left to right - The Baptism of the Lord, The Forgiveness of the Good Thief & the Breaking of the Bread.)

The Father Francis Barrett Center
The Church of Saint Luke
The Mary Mosaic

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