Stewardship Parish

Stewardship Parish

A Stewardship Parish
Parish Expectation

A Stewardship Parish: The Church of Saint Luke

We have been called to be the People of God. This calling is special and good. It comes to us from God and asks that we be bound more closely to one another and to our world in witness, service and love.

As the Community of the Church of Saint Luke we are challenged to be a community of Stewardship.

Stewardship involves for us all the challenge to share time, talent and treasure for the good of God's People. In this manner we each then share equally in the mission we have in this world by virtue of our Baptism in Christ.

To be a stewardship person or family involves taking most seriously your involvement with the parish in terms of being involved. One's relationship to the parish needs to be strengthened by doing more than just the minimum--more than just attending mass on Sunday or a Holyday. A person of stewardship has in their heart a love for their parish and their God which invites them to do and be more.

TIME . . .
A most valuable commodity in our very busy lives. We all wish to have more of it. There are so many good things to do and accomplish. But to include a sharing of time for our parish and our faith is vital. Among all of the vital things to do each week--should be time for our parish needs. There needs to be an hour or two to assist in the parish office. . .to call a fellow parish member about helping at the festival . . . a few moments to pray for the children preparing for First Communion . . .time for Bible Study. In our parish even those who are confined to their home for illness can share their time with another by praying for the families in need. There are a thousand different things to do and much more will be accomplished by your parish when all share their Time.

is another of the great gifts God has shared with us, and He asks that we share our God-given talents with our church community. We have many persons who share their good voice in singing in the choir or offering to be a cantor. We have others who teach and offer their services in religious education as teachers and aides and helpers. There are carpenters who help build things for the parish festival--volunteer in their schedule to build a set of shelves or a table for a poor family, we have accountants who volunteer to help us in our parish finance committee or development plans.
A sharing of talent can lead us to a church wherein there are families who want to help clean the church or come twice a year to do the windows--there are cooks in the soup kitchen, bakers for cookie sales and lawyers who give their services free to the church and persons in need. There are physicians and nurses who call on our sick and help plan health screening days for our parish. When you begin to share your talent--others will too. It will help create a climate of care and gratitude for all. Share your Talent!

For many catholics this is the hardest gift of all to share, yet it can be the most rewarding when shared properly and when used wisely. The scriptures recall that those who really share can be rewarded a hundred fold. The concept in the scriptures of tithing is well grounded and part of our ancient heritage of doing what is right.
All we have in our lives is a gift! Our financial resources have been given to us through the generosity of the Lord. We are called in faith to share this resource for the good of the Kingdom.
Church communities like all communities in our age need financial resources to carry out its mission and to expand its services to the people it attempts to serve.
Monetary gifts to the church are essential. We offer no apology for seeking the generous and sacrificial gifts of our members and visitors. These gifts are not sought for the glory of man but for the service of God.

for its members include a hope that each family share time, talent and treasure for the good of their parish community.
Each family and individual is asked to share from all they have received a just portion of their financial resources, hours of time each week and from their God-given talents for the good of our church.
In regard to financial stewardship, we ask that each family that is beginning to tithe for the first time start at 2-3% of their gross annual income. For most this is a realistic beginning. For others who may have fewer needs a higher figure is always welcomed.
It is our parish goal to involve all members in the sharing of these three essential resources for the parish. So along with your financial commitment we hope you will dedicate time to parish activity and to share your special talent with the community.
In any case--strive to do your very best--it is all we expect and certainly what God deserves.

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