June 3, 2018 bulletin

Although we may remember many moments in the life of Jesus, His words, His teaching, His miracles, His com-passion for the needy and the poor, they have greater meaning when we consider what occurred in the upper room. We know the details of the supper recalling the Passover of the people of Israel. But all this changed as the meal drew to a close. Did those gathered understand the significance of taking, blessing, thanking and giving, not just the contents on the plate or in the cup, but the one who was giving Himself?

We who share in the gift of the Eucharist, reflect on His desire to stay with us in such a special way. We are priv-ileged to take the gift as we say ‘Amen’. We approach the gift with reverence, we receive communion with deep faith, offer our own Eucharist, our thanks, and then bring Him with us. When I pass the tabernacle where the sac-rament is reserved, I pause and thank Jesus that what He did was for me and all today.

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